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If you are ready to be dominated then step inside our live rooms now.Live domination and humiliation on webcam with strict, evil women who enjoy being in charge. If you are ready to be disciplined and punished by strict females then be sure to log in to the live sessions now.

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All men need put in their place and especially submissive males. They know their place in the pecking order more than anyone and they know they are inferior to the vastly superior female sex. That is where live femdom cams come into its own as there are dozens and dozens of cruel mistress online who will torture and abuse you, humiliate and degrade you for no other reason than just because they can.

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They are aware of how much more powerful and strong-willed they are compared to you and they will demonstrate it perfectly in their female domination webcam sessions.
No matter what area of bdsm interests you, the mistresses online are more than experienced enough to give you a session to suit. They know all areas of femdom and they can give you a domination show that will match your fantasies. domination cams at


CBT is a staple part of any female domination fantasy and they will abuse your junk with clothes pegs, wooden spoons, chilli sauce and more. They love to hear their subs squealing and yelping with pain and torturing your nuts is the ideal way to make it happen. They show zero mercy to their helpless slaves and are totally ruthless femdom queens. CBT webcam sessions that will literally make your eyes water! Be dominated by WandaDomme


Nothing humiliates a man more than forcing him to wear women’s clothes and these mean bitches online will do just that. Forcing you to wear stockings, suspenders, sissy panties, strappy heels and a prissy dress, they will have you parade around and serve them will dressed as a woman. Or make you into a sissy maid humiliated and curtsey. Forced fem is a favourite of all online dominas as it instantly humbles a male and makes him more submissive

CHASTITY Control – Keyholder

She can become your online chastity keyholder by locking your cock in a cage and forbidding you from having an erection, far less an orgasm. After a day or two with no sexual relief, you will be climbing the walls with frustration and she has you right where she wants you. Now she will use tease and denial and orgasm control to make you do humiliating tasks and be oh so polite and courteous and obedient in the faint hope you will be granted an orgasm. Fat chance!Meet MissKaliAnia – Camjoint Mistress

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Men’s nipples are extremely sensitive and ripe for some abuse. The female dominants online here all love to zero in on them and have you clip clothes pegs to them or flick them. If you have electric bdsm equipment then they can utilize them into your domination cam show as well. Join CRUEL FEMDOM
Kissing your Mistress’ feet is every slave’s duty. With her perfect skin, expertly manicured toenails she will have you caress and massage her feet or kiss them all over. Sucking her toes and getting your tongue in between each of her toes while she insults you. She will have you on your knees at her feet for hours. You can check out sites like – MY FETISH WEBCAM and view all the different fetish girls online there at any one time
SPH is femdom 101. The quickest and most effective way to hurt a male is by ridiculing his manhood and the mean size queens online here are utterly ruthless. The names they will call you will make you burst into tears and they will force you to measure your tiny stub against baby carrots, biro lids and chipolata sausages. As they point and laugh at you, you will be utterly dejected and be left in no doubt that women do not want a tiny cock loser like you. They want real men and you will never get to fuck them.
Going hand in hand with SPH and chastity femdom humiliation, they will take great delight in telling you all about the real men they fuck and whose dick they suck. As you sit crestfallen, wishing she would sleep with you, she will dangle her perfect tits at you or her gorgeous ass. Things you will never get but can only dream about. She might even make you sit and watch as she brings a big, muscle-bound stud in and sucks him and fucks him right in front of you while she calls you names and laughs at you.
Findom is every dominant woman’s favourite. It’s not your money, it’s hers. So cough it up. You are nothing to her but a walking wallet. A human atm that she can drain and abuse. She will demand all your paycheck and leave you broke and ruin. She does not care one bit if you can eat or get heat. She will use you to pay for her expensive dinners, tennis bracelets or nights out with her real man boyfriend. OR expensive lingerie that he will get to enjoy, not you. You are nothing but her little findom slavery loser so cough up.
There is no end to the possibilities for femdom cam shows. All of the females at this live femdom webcam site have the experience and the expertise to give you whatever kind of domination show you fantasise about. Use the free female Domme chat facility to explain what you like and what you are in to then enter the private cams area and be prepared to submit. With hundreds of strict women online 24/7 you will always be able to find a Mistress to dominate you.